About White Rabbit Detours

Why White Rabbit Detours?

white rab·bit
/(h)wīt ˈrabət/
1. From Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. He appears at the beginning of the story enticing Alice to follow him down the rabbit hole into Wonderland.

1. Long or roundabout routes taken to avoid something or to visit somewhere along the way.

In a nutshell, we will immerse you in the wonderful world of Montreal, making the appropriate detours to see the most interesting, quirky, and sometimes magical aspects of our city. Contrary to the Lewis Carroll classic however, our white rabbit is a fantastic guide, making sure you don't get lost and that you find your way around all the Montreal traffic cones.

We hope you come away from the tour with a deeper appreciation for what makes this city unique and so much fun to run through.

Running through Jaume Plensa's artwork, Source

Running the Auckland Marathon

Sarah Montpetit


Sarah has been a certified Montreal tour guide since 2002, and an avid runner for even longer. After a recent trip to Europe, she is now convinced that running tours are the best way to see a city.

Her work as a tour guide has been fuelled by her love of meeting new people and the fact that she gets to read books about Montreal’s history and call it “work”.

Sarah also loves running. She’s got three marathons under her belt along with at least a dozen other races. Her philosophy about running is that it should always be a fun and rewarding experience.

White Rabbit Detours is the result of the combination of these two passions.